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Stretchy Bendy Class

“I don’t break, I bend!”

Flexibility is a must for all dancers to improve the look of a performance -but whether you're a dancer or not, stretching should still be a part of your regular exercise routine in order to maintain healthy joints and muscles.


Stretchy bendy class is mainly aimed toward people who are interested in learning to do (or improve upon) the splits, and who want to increase spine flexibility.  


The class is open to all levels from complete novice to advanced - it should help anyone interested in flexibility.  Instructor Eve has almost 20 years of qualifications and experience in teaching yoga, stretch and Pilates to ensure you'll be making some crazy shapes with your body in no time!


Class times:


Mondays 6pm 

The Monday class is available for up to 5 people in person, and will also be streamed live via Zoom.  If you would like to join the class online, please book it through the 'Online Classes' tab.  

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