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About Butterfly Fitness Studio

Don’t Think. Just Dance.

Here at Butterfly studio the instructors are passionate about pole dance, and really want you to love it as much as we do.

Eve has been teaching fitness classes of all types for 20 years and brings a lot of knowledge on anatomy and technique, Sasha has 15 years of dance training and creates beautiful choreography, and Jenni has a flare for sensual movement, and strong flowing routines. Between us we will help you find your strengths and develop your own style, all while having fun.
We are all qualified and insured to teach pole dance - Eve through Vertical Dance and Xpert training, Sasha through Vertical Dance and Jenni with Spin City. All are well known and respected qualifications within the industry.

Meet the Team

Come dance with us at Butterfly fitness studio! Our team of instructors is dedicated to teaching you the moves and techniques you need to take your dancing to the next level. Whether you’re here for recreation or for professional training, we can help you reach your goals. Continue browsing our team profiles below to learn more.


Owner and Principal Instructor at Butterfly Studio

Eve has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years.  She has extensive training and experience in personal training, group fitness, yoga and Pilates. 


Eve holds several qualifications in teaching pole dance, including Vertical Dance beginner to intermediate, and Xpert pole dance levels 1-4, plus Xpert spinning pole. She, like all our instructors, holds a first aid certificate and is fully insured. 

Having taught most types of fitness class over the years she now focuses solely on Pole dance and Pilates (with a bit of cardio each week!) - a winning exercise combination that actually gave her the figure and the confidence to enter the 'Miss Galaxy Universe' figure competition in 2012 without actually doing a single workout in the gym!  

Eve loves to show people the strength, grace and agility of pole dance and has performed on the pole at various events in Sheffield.  Many of her class-members over the years have also successfully entered national pole dance competitions or performed in shows...



Pole Dance Instructor

Sasha has 15 years of training in contemporary dance and is qualified to teach pole up to Intermediate level through Vertical Dance, as well as holding the ETM fitness qualification and first aid training.

She is a strong pole dancer and has performed at various shows and events, including making the finals of the prestigious UKPPC competition in 2022!



Pole Dance Instructor

Jenni has 7 years of pole experience and did her instructor training with Spin City.  She has a flare for sensual movement, and strong flowing routines. Her slinky style has had her in the finals of several pole dance competitions! (Photo by Boneshaker photography)



Grace is an Xpert Qualified Pole Instructor and has a background in Ballet & Contemporary Dance. She has been pole dancing for nearly 3 years, mastering various styles and specialising in bendy tricks on Spin Pole in Heels!


Grace’s love for performing and competing has led her to remarkable achievements. She recently shared the stage with Snoop Dogg as one of his dancers, clinched first place in IPAAT and Great British Pole Championships (GBPC), and was as a finalist in the Professional Classique category of Pole Theatre UK.


Grace brings an infectious positive energy that inspires her students, and as an instructor, her greatest joy comes from witnessing her students unlock new levels of confidence and embrace their own unique styles. 

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